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The Backpackers Gastronomical Revolution is back

Calle 21 No. 5-72, Centro Histórico, Santa Marta, Colombia

New Age Colombian Traditional Cuisine by former star Michelin Chef
 Thursday  October 28th

 10+ Course Dinner MENU

·         Apetizer.   Aperitivo oriental con pasta y cilantro. Assian style appetizer with noodles and cilander.

1.       Mango and guineo banano ensalada con queso costeño. Salad with mango banano guineo mnzano and costeño farm cheese.

2.       Gazpacho tropical, receta clasica, pero con un toque caribeño. Cold  spanish tipical tomato and veggies chowder *tropical gazpacho*
3.       Aguacate en  filetes con queso crema  y mermelada de corosos, con una vinagreta de maracuy. Aguacate en filetes with goat cottage cheese and local raspberries marmalade  with passion fruit vinaigrette.

4.       Ceviche de Pechuga de pollo estilo Peruano, Gaston Acurio, con crema de pimentones. Peruivian Famous Chef Gaston Acurio, Chiken Brest Ceviche with red peppers cream.

5.      Tomate relleno asadoSlightly roasted tomato stuffed with pine apple andtopped with a  warm fresh  tangerine sauce.*

6.       Yellow potatoes stuffed with a traditional onnions and pepers  stew  *AHOGAO*, served with the juice of cooking the potatoes thickened with seaweed.
7.      El  Bulli y Ferran Adria, mejor restaurante del mundo, tortilla espa;ola, pero nosotros lo hemos tropiclizado El Bulli y Ferran Adria, spanish omelette, with a tropical touch. Served with an onion-lime cream.

8.      Pollo desmechado. Traditional Deboned chiken.

9.      Arroz de coco. Santa Marta’s coconut flavoured rice with veggies . 

10.  Postre/Dessert. Platano amarillo en almibar y mermelada de moras. Caramelized Yellow plantain . served with its carmel , and raspberries sauce.

            07.30 PM

19.000 COP per person  (includes the whole 10+ course menu) 
 Beberages not included.  *Vegetarian options and all sort of diets available upon request

. Only by appointment. Booking in advance strictly needed. Please sign up before  02.00 PM on Thursday 28th 
 ALUNA RECEPTION DESK  or at 320 71 51 770       


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